Music Therapy Helps Those Suffering from Dementia

Time and time again, there is evidence that music can help those suffering with mental illness. Nazareth College, in Rochester, N.Y. Residents of the Rochester Presbyterian Home, who are affected with dementia, have been attending music therapy classes with their family members.

One family member claims these sessions have given life to her 93-year-old mother.

Lisa Fantauzzo, a family member of another resident, said, “She always used to sing to me and my sisters when we were little so, she played the harmonica, so it’s nice to see that coming out, that she’s remember something.”

Molly Pow, the music therapist, says music makes a connection for the residents, and bring up powerful emotions.

“Folks that are not oriented in the here and now, music helps them to become oriented and not just through the music itself, but through that one-to-one human interaction, using the music as a tool to get them to come out and to get them to engage,” Pow said.

It seems the other family members who attend say something along the same lines. That music is a powerful healing tool and is helping their parent in impressive ways

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