Magmount MM-10 Chromatic Tuner Gear Review

Magmount MM-10 Chromatic Tuner

Tiny Tuner

The Magmount MM-10  Chromatic Tuner from Meisel Accessories is extremely small, light weight, and clips on. It is accurate (+ one cent). It easily affixes to any resonant instrument via its clip. Alternatively, remove the clip and attach it magnetically to a guitar machine head or any ferrous metal part of the instrument or use the packaged duo magnetic disks to mount it on a wooden instrument top. Batteries are included.

MSRP: $22


Todd Hobin was given the chance to experiment with the Meisel Magmount MM-10 Chromatic Tuner.  Check out the video below to watch the review!   

Magmount MM-10 Chromatic Tuner


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