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Great overview. I’ve always loved jazz. I’ve played around with it quite a bit growing up, but always found it hard to express myself. In college I took some jazz piano lessons. I was a classical piano player, and when I took the jazz lessons it felt like I was starting over from scratch. I keep on planning to spend some time to really get into it more. One day!

I was born into a musical/musician household, so I guess I got a lot of early music into my young brain. I proceeded as I grew older to pursue music as a hobby with no formal training. It came very natural to me, and as I got older and went through phases of various popular music eras, being in Texas there was a country phase for me, but as I matured, jazz just came onto me as my ultimate form. Nothing else really interested me, and I truly ignored the rise of rock and roll. Only the Beatles got some of my attention. To me jazz is all that I cared to concentrate on playing or listening to. I do participate in other music forms just to keep my sanity, but I will never appreciate any other form of music more than jazz. I’ve had the privilege and honor to hear in-person Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Miles Davis, Woody Herman, Benny Goodman, Stan Getz, Lester Young, Dave Brubeck, Gerry Mulligan, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Nina Simone, Modern Jazz Quartet, and too many more great names to list. Just their presence influenced me. My real point is that jazz is such a unique musical art form that eludes many music minds because of its departures from the strictness of formal musical training. I could go on, but in my mind improvisation is a wonderful freedom when you get it and jazz expresses it best in my mind. Charlie Christian was the King of Jazz Guitar.

Thanks for giving a brief explanation on the origin of jazz language, and building blocks that will help the Jazz lovers like me to better understand the technicalities of Jazz Language. The information offered by you will help a lot of newbies to make a bright career in Jazz music industry.

improvising mainly over chords is my problem.need help.creating new melodies that sound lyrical

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