Lorde’s Song ‘Royals’ is banned in San Francisco

Lorde's Song 'Royals' is banned in San Francisco

Lorde’s Song ‘Royals’ is banned in San Francisco…for the moment that is.

The ever popular artist from New Zealand and her Grammy winning song will not be played on various radios in San Francisco. Why? Fair question. With the World Series starting and San Francisco Giants playing against the Kansas City Royals, various radio stations determined playing Lorde’s ‘Royals’ wouldn’t be the best idea. It is the World Series after all.

In a typical response, Kansas City radio station 99.7 The Point promises to play the song every hour on Tuesday from 7. a.m. to 7. p.m.

Lorde has previously stated the song was inspired by a photograph she saw of a baseball player with a Royals jersey. Turns out it was George Brett. He even sent her an autographed jersey after finding out.

Pretty cool if you ask us, but we’re asking you now. What do you think about this whole situation? Are the radio stations in San Francisco being extreme, being safe, or just joking around?

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