Bob Seger is Launching his Tour for his New Album ‘Ride Out’

Bob Seger is Launching his Tour for his New Album ‘Ride Out’ for his album that released last week. It is his first album since 2006 and he is in good spirits for his upcoming tour claiming he is in “pretty good shape.” Cutting back on smoking and trying to bike 10 miles a day certainly helps.

Seger isn’t sure if he’ll tour after this one, but sees no reason to stop making music. He does admit that it is much harder to get songs on the radio and how this digital age has transformed the industry.

The tour will visit 25 cities and begins on November 19th in Saginaw, Michigan. He plans to play songs off his new album with a few staples thrown in such as “Night Moves” and “Mainstreet.” To keep the old fans happy of course.

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