Drum Channel Offering 1,000 “DC Free” Memberships

Now more than ever it’s time for drummers to keep playing. So, to help the global drumming community stay active and engaged during the COVID-19 outbreak, Drum Channel is giving away 1,000 “DC Free” memberships. These memberships include 30-days of unlimited access to all the content in the Drum Channel vault: Lessons, Courses, Secrets from the Pros, the new DC Academy and more.

“Drum Channel has always, and will always, be there for our drumming community,” explains Drum Channel founder, Don Lombardi. “During these especially challenging times, we want drummers to have access to educational content that will inspire and motivate them to keep playing whether they are beginners, amateurs or pros.”

DC Free memberships include 30-days of unlimited access to hundreds of hours of high-quality video content, including nearly 1,000 Lessons, Play-Alongs and “Secrets from the Pros” as well as the newly-released, 16-week “DC Academy” course. New members can also view exclusive shows, concerts and panel discussions featuring drumming legends such as Chad Smith, Stewart Copeland, Sheila E., Gregg Bissonette, Terry Bozzio, Mick Fleetwood, Charlie Watts, Thomas Lang, Eric Moore, Virgil Donati, Chad Wackerman, Luke Holland and many more.

With DC Free, players of all ages and abilities can choose from Drum Channel’s extensive collection of educational and entertainment content designed to help them become better drummers… and keep playing. To learn more, visit www.drumchannel.com/free.


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