Different Drummer: One Man’s Music and Its Impact on ADD, Anxiety, and Autism

Different Drummer

Making Music constantly writes and promotes the healing power of music. That’s why we are highlighting this book written by percussionist and researcher Jeff Strong. Different Drummer chronicles his path as he navigates ancient drumming practices, conducts clinical research, and develops the music that establishes him as a pioneer in the world of auditory brain stimulation over three decades.

Jeff lives with ADHD and uses it as his motivation on his journey. Jeff meticulously documents the development of his therapy and its supporting technology as he drums for people with a variety of challenges including autism, anxiety disorders and ADD.

“I was engaged in a tradition with a long history. In many places around the world drummers were employed to moderate behavior, to calm or excite, to soothe or provoke. They were the therapists, the psychologists, the psychiatrists. Drummers were the bridge to the unconscious and the unknown where the root of behavior resides.”

Jeff’s research reveals how fast, complex drumming can offer long-term benefits for children and adults with neurological disorders. Different Drummer offers a compelling look at the life-changing effects of musical rhythm, why the drum holds a prominent role in cultures around the world, and how rhythm can influence the brain and behavior.

Different Drummer: One Man’s Music and Its Impact on ADD, Anxiety, and Autism


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