Coordinate Movement for Pianists: Anatomy, Technique, and Wellness Principles

What movements, then, produce the most desirable sounds at the piano? Drawing from experience in the fields of piano instruction, medicine, and Body Mapping, author Lisa Marsh presents a detailed discussion — complete with anatomical drawings and music examples — about the types of movement that contribute to a healthy, fluid, and versatile piano technique.

This resource is divided into three parts. In the first, Marsh establishes several foundational concepts, including the relationship between sound and movement, sensory awareness, and the practice of inclusive awareness. Part II focuses on the development of a piano technique based on relaxed, efficient, and anatomically accurate movements. Part III rounds out this resource with a thoughtful discussion about musicians’ physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Coordinate Movement for Pianists by Lisa Marsh is a reminder that healthy movement is the basis for a fulfilling and lifelong enjoyment of piano. Regardless of experience or level, students and teachers alike are certain to gain new inspiration and reap the benefits from applying these ideas to their own craft.

Marsh is director of the Coordinate Movement Program at Portland State University, where she specializes in wellness for musicians.

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