Perfect Pitch

How to Train Your Ear for Perfect Pitch

This is probably why Autotune infuriates so many serious musicians: those variations in pitch aren’t mistakes in the performance; they are the performance. If you clean up those “errors” and quantize everything to the “correct” pitches, all you’re left with is dry, robotic music.

Some Basic Articulation Markings

It’s not just the words you say that get a message across—it’s the way you say them. Similarly, in music there are many ways to “say” the same notes. Without following articulation markings, your playing could end up sounding like the equivalent of speaking in a monotone. Here’s an easy guide to help you become more “articulate” and bring more life into your playing by using accents, slurs, and staccatos.

Traditional Irish Fiddle Festivals

Fiddling is most fun in the company of others. Though it’s actually a violin, the fiddle’s virtue, and what often differentiates fiddle playing from violin playing, is that it is usually played by ear. That means fiddlers can often pick up a tune and accompany other musicians. In Irish pubs and festivals across the US […]