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Female-fronted, multi-instrumentalist power trio The Accidentals (Sav Buist, Katie Larson, and Michael Dause) have taken the scene by storm since the release of their critically acclaimed 2015 release, Bittersweet. Since then, The Accidentals have continued to follow their passion for music in a multitude of exciting and diverse ways. The band tours internationally, averaging over 270 virtual and in person shows per year. Between shows, they can be found at local schools and universities, hosting master classes and workshops for students of all ages. The band’s most recent full album, Odyssey, was released in 2018 on Sony Masterworks.

Sav and Katie, both Interlochen Arts Academy graduates, bring a unique perspective as multi-instrumentalists. Michael, a seasoned drumline captain, choir aficionado, and former Belmont University student, brings an ability to connect with students on any level. As former orchestra and band nerds, the band recognizes the profound impact that professional artists coming into their school had on them from a young age. These experiences helped shape their career path and inspire them to connect their love of music with education and performance. So much so, that they launched a nonprofit in 2020 called Play It Forward, Again and Again, that connects underprivileged youth with music lessons, scholarships, and instruments.

Sav teaching at a workshop

In 2020, The Accidentals released a collaboration with the world renown Contemporary Youth Orchestra and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for their original song, “Requiem for a Lark.” The piece is scored for 70+ pieces. Several of The Accidentals hits, such as “Michigan and Again” have been scored for full orchestras and are available for purchase.

​Sav and Katie are considered the premier Nashville string team, composing, arranging, and playing string tracks for bands like BTS, Keller Williams, Flint Eastwood, and others. Their side project, “The Keller Williams Accident” showcases their improv skills as Keller’s backing band.

The Accidentals music can be found on many popular playlists, Turner Classic Movies, FOX sports, a RAM Trucks BANDvan commercial, the indie film “Almost Home” and more. Stay tuned for the anticipated release of new material by getting connected on social media.

Intro to Effects Pedals with Sav and Katie

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