Aerodrums – Portable, Quiet Drumming Solution


If you yourself are a percussionist, or you have a friend or family member that plays drums, you know how loud it can be when a musician plays their drum set. The neighbors get upset, your little sister slams her door, Mom makes you call it quits. But not any more! That’s where Aerodrums comes in.


This air-drumming instrument allows you to play drums without the need for a physical drum set. No more disrupting grandma’s soap opera, no more lugging around a bass drum, cymbals, pedals, snare, and so on. Simply plug in the camera and lamp, place the sensors on your feet, grab the sticks and get jamming.

Reflective balls at the tip of the drum sticks are balanced to feel like the traditional thing, and reflective foot pieces are used to act as pedals. A lamp shines onto the stick and pedals and then transfers light to a high-speed USB camera that captures movement from the reflections through the Aerodrums software.

Aerodrums can be used in all settings, including playing for fun, practice, learning, and recording and is now available in 3D/VR mode as a beta release.

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