21 Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument

For some people, music is a hobby that helps them relax and have fun. For others, it goes beyond
the profession and is a style of living. No matter on which side of the spectrum a musician is, the
theoretical and practical knowledge accumulated along the way shapes the way a musician sees
and interacts with the world.

The benefits of learning a musical instrument are numerous. They range from improved social
interaction skills and increased empathy to refined time, money and people management skills.
The team at The Musician Lab went through all the advantages and produced an infographic listing
21 benefits of learning a musical instrument.

The causes of these improvements lie in stimulated brain functioning, both in zones associated
with emotions and mental capabilities, but also in the interaction with music teachers, instrument
sellers, and other musicians.

If you haven’t picked up an instrument yet, you might want to consider starting out, even just as a




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I like that you mentioned that learning a musical instrument will enable a person to become more confident. As you said, this is because they have skills that not everyone knows. I guess I will consider this for my son especially piano. He is just a very timid person like his dad. He can be left alone at a park, but he wouldn’t have friends since he would rather play on his own.

I knew you had better memory and concentration playing an instrument, but I never thought about your body getting a physical workout. Knowing your hand-eye coordination gets better when you play an instrument makes me want to enroll my kids in piano or violin lessons. Since I don’t have any kids at the moment, I’ll make sure my brother enrolls my niece in lessons as soon as possible.

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