Band Banners 101: Make Sure Your Band Has The Best Setup

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A band backdrop is a key component in your band’s marketing efforts. In fact, stage backdrops are the number one priority for a new band. A quality band backdrop or stage scrim that is well designed can make a huge impact on stage and can brand your music group effectively.

Some things to keep in mind when researching and ordering your band banners:


The ideal material for bands is vinyl mesh. It consists of a 70/30 weave, and it is very rugged. This provides your band with a rugged banner that can be easily folded and transported on tours; and at the same time, the artwork looks beautiful on this material. It is also lightweight, which means that it is easy to set up with a simple stand or cords. This material is also one of the least expensive options.

Solid vinyl holds colors beautifully, but at 13 ounces per square yard, they weigh quite a bit. In comparison, vinyl mesh weighs only 9 ounces per square yard. For banners larger than 20 square feet, the vinyl mesh is a better option. Mesh is also easier to care for; you can roll it up or fold softly without worrying about wrinkles. Solid vinyl band backdrops or scrims tend to wrinkle a lot more easily.

While dye sublimated celtic cloth band backdrops look great, this material is more expensive. This is a cloth material, and colors pop beautifully on this substrate. It washes in the washing machine just like a bed sheet, and it’s super light at only 5 ounces per square yard. On the flip side, it is more costly and it is not as rugged as the vinyl mesh.

70/30 vinyl mesh is perfect for a stage backdrop or band scrim that stands in front of the speakers or other sound emitting devices on stage. This is because the material allows sound to pass through since it is 70 percent material and 30 percent holes. On the flip side, the audience doesn’t notice the difference; from a distance of even a few feet, the eye cannot discern the ‘holes’ – the eye only sees the material and the artwork printed on the stage backdrop. It also works well outdoors, since air can easily flow through the holes ensuring the banner does not become a sail.


  • Small bars and clubs – stage scrims for bands work perfectly in small venues like bars and clubs. A very popular band scrim is a set of two 6’x6′ scrims. This pair also looks great in larger venues and outdoors. For a stage backdrop that you will set up behind your band, an 8’x8′ backdrop or an 8’x10′ can work well. These backdrops look fantastic on stage in tandem with the stage scrims, or alone.
  • Medium sized clubs and small outdoor events – Consider an 8’x10′, 12’x15′, or a variation of these sizes. The advantage of a stage banner that is wider than it is long is that it creates a powerful stage presence for your band with a wide, landscape effect.
  • Outdoor venues like music festivals or large indoor venues – BIGGER is better! If there’s room in your budget for a large banner and room on stage, think about 15’x20′, 20’x25′, or larger. When you’re playing at a music festival, you will need a very large stage backdrop to make sure you’re logo is seen even by those fans lurking far away at the hot dog stand on the other end.

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Chevi Holland is the band manager at NorthCoast Banners. She loves to work with bands to make their visions come alive and ensure they have stage presence that is impactful and meaningful.

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