1,140 Instruments Donated to NYC Public Schools

1,140 Instruments Donated

The classical radio station, WQXR in New York City, asked the residents of New York to donate any instruments for the NYC public schools. No one could have expected the response.

They received 2,940 donations of all sorts of instruments that ranged from xylophones to classical cellos.

On Monday, WQXR, Sam Ash music stores, and Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, started giving out 1,140 instruments that had been fixed over the summer at the New York Public Radio gala.

Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School performed at the gala and were shocked to receive a new alto saxophone and electric guitar.

“We’re always going to come back because music is unbreakable,” Samuel Tirado, 12, said after the show. “It’s too strong. Music is on top of everything in the world.”

Sam Ash has been fixing instruments all summer trying to get them ready as quickly as possible for the students. Some instruments are too damaged, but even those donations can be used for parts. Nothing is wasted, and seeing a community involvement like this is always a wonderful to witness.

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