YouTube Launches Music Streaming Service

Indie Labels and YouTube

After settling on a deal with the indie record labels, YouTube has unveiled their music streaming service, and it looks a lot like regular old YouTube. Instead of a whole new app or site, there is now a new section of YouTube cleverly titled “Music.” Essentially, YouTube just organized music more efficiently for you. YouTube will suggest your playlists and you can make you own. Nothing revolutionary or out of this world.

However, YouTube Music Key will be the part of YouTube put behind a pay-wall. For $9.99 you will be able to listen to music ad-free and even play videos offline. Music Key will launch with an invite-only beta this Monday (Nov. 17) in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Spain, Italy, Finland and Portugal. Key subscribers will also have access to Google Play Music, Goggle’s current streaming service.

The best part about all this is how Google didn’t make it an entirely new section. It is part of YouTube, which means, all those videos that already exist on YouTube will be readily available. The obvious problem tends to lie with why people listen to music on YouTube. Sadly, there are plenty of illegal songs to listen to, and  that’s why many people listen to music on YouTube, because it can’t be found elsewhere. Clearly, YouTube Music Key is going to be stricter on what songs will be allowed. It’s too early to say whether or not this will affect the service. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Tell us what you think about YouTube Music Key. Is it something you might invest in, or are the far better ways to listen to music than YouTube?

We know you want to hear an awesome mash-up of “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and Pharrell’s “Happy”

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