Community Video: Yardij – Distance

Yardij is a young, four-member Indie Alternative Rock band from Ft. Lauderdale, FL fronted by vocalist Deja Elyze. Along with her unique style, each member plays a huge role in creating the band’s signature sound. Bandmates Anthony Vilarino (Guitar), Alex Athanasaw (Bass) and Jordan Solomon (Drums) often write together with Deja, crafting steady beats with indie melodies that help shape the music of Yardij.

The band hopes that “Face Value” will connect with the listener on multiple levels. “The music talks of past, present, and future- not just in love but in personal growth as well and trusting one’s intution. No one knows your journey better than you do,” says Deja Elyze. The band is currently on tour and booking shows in and out of their home state, while pushing the record and creating new visuals to bring it all together. The new single, “Distance” is a fresh take on indie rock, featuring many different elements of percussion with a powerful, yet relatable message.

To stay up to date on Yardij, check out their Facebook page.

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