Yamaha Plant-based Plastic Recorders

Yamaha’s plant-based recorder have bodies made of plant-based “Ecodear” plastic, the world’s first application of environmentally friendly plant based materials in a musical instrument, which achieves a mellow, centered tone that is similar to that of wood recorders. Comes in Baroque system alto and soprano. The body design is based on the popular Yamaha 300-series recorders. The arched windway gives experienced players more control.

Comes with: Cotton case, Fingering chart, Recorder cream, Cleaning rod, Head joint/foot joint cap, Middle joint cap.


From the Yamaha website:

Artist Comment: Kuricorder Quartet

“The ‘pop’ colors are great! The weight is right for a musical instrument, and the tone is seriously musical too. The resistance is comfortable, and you can play hard. Notes in the high register are particularly easy to produce. Note definition is good and tonguing is easy. The notes have a well-defined center. This soprano recorder plays beautifully. There is very little variation from instrument to instrument, so these will be great for recording unison parts. The fact that just changing the material has resulted in such a noticeable improvement highlights the depth of the recorder as a musical instrument. The improvement in the rate of development of children who start with these recorders is likely to be significant.”


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