Words and Music: Into the Future

words and music

words and musicWords and Music Into the Future, which examines the current state of popular songs and songwriting in the English-speaking world, includes literary criticism, songwriting analysis, and cultural commentary. Author Michael Koppy uses mostly well-known songs from recent decades as examples, and avoids hero worship and celebrity gossip.

The book is comprised of 308 pages, with four appendices, 31 illustrations, a zillion footnotes, and a complete index. According to Koppy himself, “What began as a series of simple essays—an informal attempt to expose a few depressing facts about the state of current popular culture as demonstrated by the quality of work ascendant in contemporary songwriting, along with some positive directions those working in the field might pursue—evolved into a full-on book. Ah, life…”

For more information, check out Words and Music on Michael Koppy’s website.


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