Community Video: Wojo – Necklace In My Pocket


Rooted in alternative rock, dipped in coffee-shop acoustic, a dash of grunge with a smooth melodic finish,Wojo’s music explores progressive new territory of his songwriting, incorporating elements of pop, metal, and psychedelia. Influenced by bands like Nirvana, The Nixons, Silverchair, Our Lady Peace, Bush, and 311 early on, Wojo formed the alternative rock/grunge band ‘Somber’, who recorded the LP “Welcome To Hell… Smoking Or Non?”, which received airplay in Pittsburgh and its outskirts. After some time in Philly & NYC as a solo artist, Wojo and his former ‘Somber’ guitarist connected to work together on recording his new material at the guitarist’s studio near Pittsburgh, Motherboard Earth Productions. Wojo’s first solo EP, “Sun Puritáe” debuted in 2012, along with the music video for “Tip Of My Tongue”. In 2015, shortly before his second EP “Distant Shadows” was released, he was diagnosed with kidney disease, which required a transplant by early 2016 (his older sister was a perfect match), before the video for “Necklace In My Pocket” could be shot, despite being in the works. In December 2017 the official video for “Necklace In My Pocket” was finally released thanks to the help of some amazing artists and support.

If you want to find out more about Wojo you can visit his website.

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