Video Submission Instructions

To Submit Your Video for the Community Video Page:


1) Follow this link to submit your video through ReverbNation.

2) The winners will receive an email either from ReverbNation or Making Music with the next steps once the selections have been made.

3) Once all necessary information is obtained, your video will be scheduled to post to the Making Music website.

4) We will follow up with information about your video so you can share it with friends and fans.


We run a new campaign every few months so be sure to check in often!

Check out our previous winners on the Community Videos Page.


***By submitting your video, you give permission to MakingMusicMag to post your video, name and likeness on web, YouTube, Social Media, and e-Newsletter platforms. Videos submitted are subject to approval and acceptance by MakingMusicMag. We reserve the right to reject any submissions.

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