Triplet Symphony II Music Light

Triplet Symphony II Music Light

Let There Be Light

Problem Solved! Whether on a stand, or at the piano, being able to see your music is essential. Now you can. Triplet’s Symphony II music stand light with 40 LEDs and Light Shaping Technology will illuminate your music like never before. It provides incredibly consistent, neutral, warm, white light from side to side and top to bottom. It’s easy on the eyes, with no glare. Specifically designed for professional stage, pit, gigs, and home, Symphony II can be used with any score up to 17 inches high.

MSRP: $229             


Need more of a reason to get this awesome music stand light? Todd Hobin is able to show us the difference between the Triplet Symphony II Music light and the standard music stand light. The vast difference is truly amazing.

Triplet Symphony II Music Light


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