Triad Pad HD-F for bass drumhead protection

New from Slug Percussion Products is the Triad Pad HD-F for bass drumhead protection and sonic enhancement with foot pedal beaters.

The Triad Pad HD-F is for powerful kick drum play, providing maximum protection from foot pedal beater damage and increasing beater punch while diminishing high frequencies and “clicky” attack. The patented vented design of this model Triad Pad, features a Felt Duro-Disk impact pad mounted on a triangular shaped .01″ thick polycarbonate film badge, with permanent adhesive backing. The 1/8″ thick Duro-Disk is ideal for heavier pedal play and limiting beater rebound and contact “stuttering”. The foot feel is solid and powerful using this model due to the industrial grade felt used for the Duro-Disk, which has some “give” to it upon impact, making for uncompromised play by more aggressive drummers.

Use this Triad Pad for highest bass drumhead protection and heaviest play requiring controlled beater rebound. The Triad Pad HDF provides a punchy, thuddy, and deep bass drum tone. Ideal for recording and performance situations requiring controlling unwanted overtones and overly “clicky” attack from bass drum beaters. The Triad Pad design also can be paired for double pedal set-ups.

Recommended for use with new condition bass drumheads and all foot pedal beaters. Made in the USA.

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