The Woodwind Player’s Cookbook

Creative Recipes for a Successful Performance

This valuable collection of quick-to-read yet deeply insightful strategies is like finding expert trade secrets all placed in one convenient source. Contributors to The Woodwind Player’s Cookbook were even eager to get a look at each other’s ideas!

With outstanding records of performance, workshop clinics, recordings, research, composition, leadership and teaching, the 57 authors provide their favorite “recipes” that range from overviews of successful programs to specific topics that will inspire all levels and types of ensembles and performers.

Sample “recipes” include:

  • Developing Facility on the Bass Clarinet (J. Lawrie Bloom);
  • Breathing Demystified (Leone Buyse);
  • Recipe for Preventing Play-Related Health Problems (William J. Dawson, M.D.);
  • How Should I Test a Saxophone Mouthpiece? (Eugene Rousseau);
  • and many more.

Instead of being dedicated to one instrument, young musicians, or professionals, is a lifestyle resource for all music makers, regardless of age, instrument, or ability. We focus on providing educational articles teaching people how to play an instrument, but we also favor travel pieces, music related health articles, interesting news stories, and plenty more.

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