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The Watters

The Watters honed their one-of-a-kind sound wandering around the country and soaking up their habitats.  Born and raised in Sedona, Arizona, they developed their eclectic sound after living in several dramatically different cities including Los Angeles, Denver, Nashville and now Austin.  Seamlessly blending Americana, Soul, Rock and Jazz, they have been described as “Fleetwood Mac with a horn section.”  Daniel and Jenna Watters have collaborated on seven albums together under various monikers, and they released their debut record, GREAT UNKNOWN, as “The Watters” in 2016.  They have garnered a devoted fan base through their energetic performances, stirring vocals and road-weathered musicianship.  For The Watters, life and music are one, their journey together being their greatest muse.

Find out more about The Watters on their website.

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