The Circle of Fifths for Piano

Learn and Apply Music Theory for Piano & Keyboard

The Circle of Fifths is the ancient “Rosetta Stone” of music theory, that not only tells you which notes are in any key, but also contains the secret of how every scale is built and how scales relates to each other.

The Circle of Fifths for Piano by Joseph Alexander will teach you to build, understand, and use the essential building-blocks of music theory to become a better musician, quickly and easily. It comes with supporting audio examples to help you get inside the theory and quickly apply the concepts to your own playing.

Here’s what you get:

  • A complete course, building from the first principles of music that allows you to create, understand, and master the Circle of Fifths.
  • Discover how to build every major and relative minor scale.
  • Understand how key signatures work and instantly know the notes of any scale.
  • An instant trick to tell you the notes in any key, just using by looking at your keyboard.

Most pianists know their scales, but few actually understand the essential principles of how they relate to each other.

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