North Louisiana Music Trail

While South Louisiana is known for jazz, Cajun, and zydeco music, North Louisiana’s influence on blues, rockabilly, and country music is well established by homegrown heroes like Jerry Lee Lewis, Huddie Ledbetter, and James Burton, and current stars like Kenny Wayne Shepherd. The northern part of the state has its own music trail, stretching from Carthage, Texas, west to Ferriday, Louisiana, with musical pit stops along the way.

Honkfest: Activism Music

Exiting the Boston’s “T” stop in Somerville, there was a different sound in the air on one crisp fall Saturday morning—spectators anticipated the start of something special, while performers milled around, practicing riffs on their drums and horns. Twenty-seven street bands had begun arriving on Friday, from as far away as Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Austin, Texas, to perform in events held throughout the weekend.

Music Attractions in New Orleans

New Orleans is one of our nation’s top music destinations and despite the headlines of widespread devastation and disrepair from Hurricane Katrina, most of the areas of the city that tourists come to see are up to their pre-Katrina status.

Visitors can expect to experience live jazz, New Orleans blues, Cajun, Creole, southern rock, gospel, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, and just about every other style of music.