Gideon Waxman’s Ultimate Guide to Buying Cymbals

Cymbals play an integral part of a drummer’s set up, and they are a significant investment. With a cymbal purchase, you will have to be completely confident that sound is right for you and your music. They cannot be altered or tuned in the way that drums can. So it’s imperative to invest in cymbals that will compliment the styles of music you play! In this guide I aim to provide as much information as I can about cymbals to help educate you on how to choose the perfect cymbals that are right for you, and what you need to consider when looking to invest in new cymbals.

types of cymbals

Types of Cymbals

Cymbals are one of the oldest musical instruments, played by many cultures during their migration across Asia and into the west over the last 3,000 years. Small hand cymbals were used in Hindu music as early as 1500 B.C., and these spread via trade routes into modern-day Turkey, Israel, and Egypt by around 800 B.C.