Banjo Chord Dictionary

Learning chords for the five-string banjo have never been so easy. In Banjo Chord Dictionary by Dick Weissman, basic chords in G tuning, C tuning, D tuning and D-minor tuning are clearly shown. Neck diagrams are used that show easy-to-read fingerings. Music notation is explained and tips on tuning are given. Identifying keys and the […]

ukulele chord chart

Ukulele Chord Chart

A Chart of All the Basic Chords in Every Key This convenient chord chart by Ron Manus, L. C. Harnsberger, and Nathaniel Gunod lists all the basic ukulele chords in every key. All chords are clearly shown using chord frames that indicate frets, fingerings, and the note names in every chord. Major, minor, seventh, diminished, […]

four-chord songs

Four-Chord Songs for Beginning Guitarists

For beginner guitarists, reaching the point of playing your first song — and ultimately first batch of songs — is really important, for many reasons. The biggest one being that it means you’re applying the skills you’ve been working to develop and therefore you’re showing proven, tangible progress. This is not only rewarding, but encouraging […]