Sweetwater Metronomes Aid Firemen

In August, Fort Wayne, Indiana, based Sweetwater Music Instruments & Pro Audio donated 40 metronomes to Fort Wayne firemen. The first responders weren’t setting up a band, nor preparing for marching practice, instead they will be using the devices to save lives. The metronomes will help fire fighters deliver steady compressions, in the proper rhythm to individuals in a health emergency, including an overdose situation.

Sweetwater Founder and President Chuck Surack says, “Sweetwater was happy to make this donation to help support the firemen and the city of Fort Wayne. To think that a simple little product that goes ‘click, click, click’ can be used, along with CPR, to make sure those compressions are accurately timed to help save someone’s life. It could be a father, a brother, a mother. I’m just overwhelmed by the ability to help people in this way.”

(L to R) are: Fort Wayne Fire Chief Eric Lahey, Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry, Sweetwater Found and President Chuck Surack, and Fort Wayne Public Safety Director Rusty York.

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