Sunnyland Wavy Stainless Steel Washboard

The Sunnyland musical washboard, made by the Columbus Washboard Company in Logan, Ohio, offers a smooth traditional wavy stainless steel rubbing surface that generates a loud boomy tone. Made of durable rust-free metal surface, the corrugated wave pattern is similar to frottoir and zydeco style rub boards — great for jug band and Cajun tunes.

The Columbus Washboard Company, founded in 1895, is the sole remaining washboard manufacturer in the US. They continue to assemble their products by hand with a team of skilled craftsmen from their local community.

Columbus Washboard Company also offers a Family Size Sunnyland Musical Washboard featuring all the instruments of a great one-man-band in Appalachia: a handmade washboard, bell, spoons, cowbell, tin horn, and wood block. Complete with a shoulder strap.

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