Showpiece, the Musical Instrument You Can Wear


SHOWPIECE from Ylenia Gortana on Vimeo.


Technology is advancing each and every day. Some advances are extremely useful and practical, while others may not be exactly…necessary. You can decide with the latest wearable tech created by Ylenia Gortana: Showpiece, a hoodie that is also a musical instrument!

The hoodie is essentially a wearable sequencer with each panel representing a different sound. Like all sequencers, it’s up to the musician’s skill on whether music is being made or just noise. It’s an interesting premise, and while not technically the first wearable instrument, it does have a lot of possibilities.

It could easily change the way DJs play concerts. Not to say DJs are going to start running all over the stage drumming on their own shirt, but it could provide a little more mobility compared to a large sequencer. Only time will tell, but at the very least, it certainly sounds cool. Leave some comments on whether you think something like this could catch on or not.

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