Community Video: Shirley Levi – Luv is Lonely

Shirley levi

Shirley Levi (a.k.a Miss Muzik), from Los Angeles, is the CEO of Re-Bel Visionary Music, and she is a powerful, driven, self-taught American Singer/Recording Artist/Activist & Poetic Songwriter of Hope, who writes, produces and performs all her own music which has timeless messages of unity, compassion and determination.  She has a rebellious spirit and refuses to compromise her artistic vision or follow any trends, which makes her really stand out from the pack. She is notorious for her story of not selling out and having a fierce voice that’s honest and empowering! Shirley writes, produces, directs and edits all her own music videos. Her unique heartfelt vocals and timeless music is rock with an artful blend of folk, blues, country and world music with major punk attitude.

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