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Jazz pianist and composer Senri Oe was born in 1960 in Osaka, Japan, and started classical piano training at age 3. He has been active and influential in Japanese music scene as a lyricist, composer and arranger since he debuted in 1983. He extended his talent in the TV and film industry, and went on flourishing as an actor and TV personality as well.

In January 2008, Oe decided to pause his 25 year-long careers in popular music for pursuing jazz and moved to New York. He graduated from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in May 2012.

A New York Resident for the past decade, Senri Oe is making a name for himself as an innovative, engaged and highly creative member of the Jazz Community. Though he has proved his skill as a songwriter, pianist, singer and more, he prefers to describe himself simply as a jazz musician who loves to write music as well as perform on piano.

Learn more about Senri Oe by visiting his website at

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