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My father and grandfather graduated from West Point. My grandfather retired a general. My father lost his leg in WWII. The piano I would like to donate was part of there lives. It belonged to my grandmother. I have her sheet music as well. It needs to be tuned. It is a grand 1933 Chickering &Sons. I would like for it to go to a military person. I live near Fort Bragg. If anyone knows of a group or person that would like to have this gift, please email me. ASAP I am moving soon

I would love to learn how to play any form of a violin…if anyone has one they can donate…

Thank you for what you do…I may not be in the hospital anymore and I certaintly wasn’t interested in music lessons before but maybe I have the patience for it now…just sadly I don’t know how to read music but I do have a piano and would love lessons but have always liked a violin so I could take it with me…so I need to buckle down and find affordable lessons after finding the instruments. :-). But again, thank you for what you do. Combat is a horrible thing!!

I’m a disabled female US Marine veteran. Sgt./E-5. I have severe service connected PTSD and anxiety. It’s been very though but I’m a fighter. I would love to learn to play the cello. It calms me when I listen to it play, and I think it would give me some pride to take this on for myself. I have wanted to learn to play the cello for over a decade. I feel that I am now ready. Maybe now it couple help me heal, gain my strength and confidence, and get back to the working world. I so need this to help me right now. How should I go about getting such an instrument? My plan is to learn to play at home on my own. Getting one-on-one lessons may be possible in the future for me; though social interaction are more often than not simply much too stressful rather than fun or a pleasure.
Thank you.

I want to donate two guitars and a Roland MP-500 piano for the wounded warriors. Please contact me so that we can make arrangements. Thank you.

Hi Theresa, we aren’t accepting donations through this website, we were just raising awareness. But it would be very kind of you if you contacted a music organization in need of instruments.

Theresa, I’m a disabled vet(I served in Iraq). I’m looking for a piano.. can you contact me? 512-355-7109

Neil, can you help make contact to Theresa? Or do you know of any organizations that help with instruments?

Hi Lindsey, I just read your message and I apologize for not contacting you sooner. I placed a phone call to you today and I am looking forward to hearing from you. Theresa

Please pass this along to George Hauer. I was a fraternity brother of his at Syracuse. He will remember me as “Zeus.” I just wanted to say “hi.”

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