13-Year-Old Boy a Master on Piano

Noah Waddell

Watch the video above, and try to comprehend how that is a 13-year-old boy playing Toccata in D Minor, OP II. You’re listening to Noah Waddell, play at First Presbyterian church of Bonita Springs, as he proves age isn’t always a requisite for experience.

We aren’t the only ones impressed by his talents.

“I think he’s fabulous, unbelievable,” said Lois Kaul who listened to Noah perform. “At that age, he’s just fantastic.”

The congregation’s music director, Jeff Faux, was equally impressed, “He’s an incredible young man. He’s just brilliant and incredibly gifted. It’s all professional material. He’s an unusual kid, no question about it.”

Noah started playing when he was 7, and it didn’t take him long to show how talented he was. He’s home-schooled, and besides the piano he always plays tennis and pickleball. His father claims it gives him the strength he needs to play the harder pieces. Toccata in D minor, Opus II (The song you hear above) is tough to play, and usually needs an older musician who has more strength than a child musician. Apparently no one told Noah that, as he clearly isn’t struggling with it.

Noah stays pretty humble, simply claiming, “I’m getting more comfortable with playing.”

We look forward to see what he accomplishes in the future.


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