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Nina Kraljić

Nina Kraljić is a Croatian singer-songwriter and voice actress with Scandinavian, Irish and Oriental influences. She is known for winning season one of The Voice of Croatia and for being a finalist in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with the song “Lighthouse.” She is the winner of the Croatian Porin award for Croatia’s best new act of 2016 and was nominated in the Best Female Vocal Performance and Best Song Arrangement category with her first single “Zaljuljali smo svijet.” She was also nominated for MTV Europe 2017/Best Adria Act. Her debut album Samo was released on September 30, 2016.

Realizing that the root of all her music and multicultural attitudes are in fact world music and film scores with ethnic undertones, she is increasingly orienting her opus towards these two distinctive styles. The album Samo (Only) gives the impression of Nina’s personalized calling card and her artistic expression invokes the beauty of Irish folk melodies, while her songs performed in English prove her value as a singer-songwriter for foreign markets. The Belarus Ministry of Culture and President Aleksandr Lukashenko presented her with the prestigious “Slavic Hope Award” at the international music competition held in Belarus. She currently performs with her four-piece band (flute, cello, djembe drum, acoustic guitar, and voice), enlivening historical and cultural attractions and continues to collaborate with many renowned musicians and orchestras.

Learn all about Nina’s musical endeavors on her website.

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