Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum Celebrates Grand Opening of Roy Orbison Exhibit

Roy Orbison Exhibit

In Nashville, Tenn. the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum celebrated the grand opening of its newest exhibit commemorating Roy Orbison and the 50th anniversary of his iconic song, “Oh, Pretty Woman.”

The Roy Orbison Exhibit was opened to the public on Oct 30 and featured many items including:




  • Prescription sunglasses that became the Orbison trademark
  • The 1961 Gibson 335 guitar that was used in the recording of “oh, Pretty Woman.”
  • 1957 Gibson Byrdland guitar
  • Model airplanes and boats Roy enjoyed building and collecting
  • The cast from when he broke his ankle in a motorcycle accident

“Roy’s impact on popular music as a writer, singer, and musician is immeasurable,” said Joe Chambers, Found of the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum. “He influenced artists such as the Beatles, Tom Petty, and Bruce Springsteen, just to name a few, and his iconic guitar intro to “Oh, Pretty Woman” continues to inspire musicians of all ages.”

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