Music Publisher Releases Inaugural Jazz Ensemble Music for Educators and Students

Excelcia Music Publishing recently launched its first Jazz Ensemble music release with 15 new and inspiring tunes from well-known composers as well as talented newcomers. Recognizing these unusual times, the release comes with the publisher’s state-of-the art digital catalog which provides unprecedented assistance to educators to listen, plan and select new jazz ensemble music, including features like pop-up score videos and composer insights as well as free professional recordings on all major streaming platforms.

“Our roster of outstanding and dedicated composers brings fresh sounding harmonies, clever melodic twists-and-turns and solid ensemble and rhythm section writing,” said Excelcia Music Publishing’s jazz editor, Blair Bielawski. “Educators will find a range of exciting new pieces, explorations of new ideas, and music that is very accessible for all levels of school and community jazz ensembles.”

The publisher’s 2020 Jazz Ensemble music release includes charts from composers Blair Bielawski, Jack Cooper, David Samuel, Peter Sciaino, Carl Strommen, and Steve Wiest.

Published with Excelcia Music Publishing’s signature grading system, the 2020 Jazz Ensemble Music charts are grouped into four levels that range in difficulty from music appropriate for middle school students just starting their jazz journey to more challenging music for high school groups.  The levels are Jazz Exploration Series (grade 1.5), Jazz Horizon Series (grade 2), Jazz Voyage Series (grade 3) and Jazz Zenith Series (grade 4 and up).

Professional recordings of each piece are available for free on all streaming platforms and can be used as a tool with students for remote learning and in the classroom.

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