Music Class for Children and Parents

Music Class for Children and Parents

With more and more evidence suggesting music helps children develop more powerful brain power, it’s never too early to get kids into music. That’s exactly what the class at Pardee’s Signature Care center is doing.

It’s called Music Together, and it is all about getting parents to make music with their children. According to the instructor Kathleen Avins, this also makes the parents get involved with their children. Instead of traditionally passing off their children to a music professional, they share in the experience with their children. Not only does it introduce music to the entire family, but it also brings everyone even closer together.

The classes teaches children to sing in tune, move in rhythm, and gain social confidence to participate in an open environment.

Joy Gilpin is a pediatric occupational therapist that attends the class with her 3-year-old daughter and 7-month-old son, and couldn’t be happier about the program, stating how she wanted her children to get into music as soon as possible.

“I hope that other families sign up because it would be great to have this as our Tuesday morning routine. It was cool to see them totally engaged.”

Find a Music Together class near you so you can join in the fun. Nothing is better than a music class for children and parents together. Share the fun with your family and get your kids into music today.

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