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Make Music Day is the one day a year we celebrate the central role of music in our lives and our country through free, open and accessible events throughout the U.S. and the World.

Organized internationally on the summer solstice-June21st-when daylight seems it will never end, live local music will be pouring out from every sidewalk, stage, park and shower (you know you do it), making the first truly nationwide music festival.

Make Music Day affirms the importance of music and its role in building and bridging communities through performance and enjoyment: amateur musicians play with passion, professionals and meet new audiences.

On June 21, the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) will support Make Music Day celebrations across the country. Part of the international Fête de la Musique, taking place in 800 cities worldwide, Make Music Day is a celebration of music making marked by free and open gatherings of instrument-wielding musicians called Mass Appeal events.

“NAMM’S vision of a world in which the joy of making music is a precious element of daily living for everyone comes to life on Make Music Day,” says Joe Lamond, president and CEO of NAMM. “There is no better time for music stores and instrument makers to meet new customers, while inspiring more people to play. NAMM Mass Appeal is a clear path for members to create hands-on music making events during the global day of music.”

NAMM provides members with ideas and publicity materials to create their own Make Music Day celebrations in communities around the country. NAMM Mass Appeal fellow and musical event organizer Amy Garapic ( has offered her personal assistance in planning events.

For more information on events planned and how you can participate, visit:

Here’s some of what NAMM members have planned for June 21, 2014:

Alfred Music has pledged to help spread the word about Make Music Day by providing ukulele and choral arrangements to be used in Mass Appeal events around the country.

Yamaha will be supporting events in various cities, including “instrument petting zoos” for children, as well as an event at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, close to their headquarters.

Conn-Selmer is doing its part to spread the word about Make Music Day and will be involved in some big New York City events.

Percussion Marketing Council (PMC) will be supporting a Roots of Rhythm workshop lead by Craig Woodson in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Casio will be celebrating Make Music Day at locations throughout New York City with it’s Privia Piano Bar—a “portable,” outdoor piano bar mounted on the back of a truck.

Hohner will donate 1,000 harmonicas to cities throughout the country to facilitate harmonica Mass Appeals, plus they are giving away 30 Air Boards for a melodica Mass Appeal in New York City.

Zildjian will loan instruments for a Boston Make Music Day cymbal and gong event. The company has been encouraging Make Music Day participation among artists and dealers. It hopes to have a big turnout for an hour of cymbals to be held simultaneously around the country.

REMO will celebrate Make Music Day at the REMO Recreational Music Center in North Hollywood, California, through their Kids Rhythm Club drum circles, Sisters in Rhythm Women’s Drum Circle, and a Cajon Class with Homero Chavez.

Little Kids Rock is encouraging its teachers to take part in Make Music Day guitar events, and offer free guitar lessons at public libraries.

Guitar World magazine and publisher Hal Leonard Corporation have put together a booklet of classic rock songs for distribution to participants for national Mass Appeal guitar events.

Kala has been promoting Make Music Day in its own monthly newsletter and will be donating some ukuleles to participating dealers. Additionally, Kala artist, Jessica Baron of Guitars in the Classroom, will host Make Music Day event in Los Angeles involving the My Hero program at New Roads
for New Visions.

Making Music magazine has published music to be used in Mass Appeal events. Plus, it is hosting it’s own Make Music Day Mass Appeal events in its home base of Syracuse, New York.

Make Music Day Participating Cities:

Austin, Athens (Greece), Boston, Calgary, Chicago, Dubai, Los Angeles, Madison, Montclair, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, Vancouver, and more!

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