Community Video: Mackenzie O’Brien – Anything Other Than This

Mackenzie O’Brien is an Indie Country artist from McHenry, IL. Her first nickname was “Hummingbird” given to her when she was around four years old and was known to play on her own while humming made up melodies.  She knew around that age that music would be part of her life and had childhood dreams that one day she would sing in a coffee house. She also remembers stuffing all that during her grade school years after being told by kids and teachers that no-one becomes a professional singer.

When O’Brien was 14, she picked up her older sister’s guitar and taught herself to play over a several day period.  It was like the skies parted and part of her brain was unlocked.  Music allows her to be who she is!

O’Brien learned guitar picking during her teen years and took up some banjo as well but was recognized for her singing at about the end of high school.  She trained classically while singing opera pieces with a renowned teacher but had to leave opera singing as she found it stressing out her voice and as it wasn’t where she was headed.  O’Brien then hooked up with a well known teacher in Nashville who she still works with weekly.

Mackenzie O’Brien continues to travel back and forth to Nashville to record songs she has written and to meet up with writers in Music City.  This allows her to perform some in Nashville and to meet with some people and companies she have relationships with there.

A year ago she founded a band outside of Chicago and they have begun to play dive bars, festivals, and bigger venues.  Mackenzie looks forward to growing the band and to continued trips to Music City!

To stay up to date on Mackenzie O’Brien’s music, visit her Facebook page or website.

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Really liked the vidio , I was like were the old dirt road & truck , & sure enough just had to wait a few & there they were , 🙂 keep the faith humming bird the song was golden thanks for the melody, hoping to see yea soon & see a whole set , Randy AKA RED

Just found Mackenzie “hummingbird ” music about a month ago. From the first time I listened to anything other than this I was impressed. Such a beautiful voice!!! Went to see her at Carols pub last Friday she is FANTASTIC. She took the time to talk to us took photos and we had a wonderful time. She is such a talented young lady. Watch out Nashville here she comes!!!!

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