Let’s Play the Melodica! 28 Songs with Letter Notation for the Beginner

This sheet music book, Let’s Play the Melodica, was written to help the beginner, be they child or adult, learn to play music on the melodica in a simple and easy way that requires no previous knowledge of music.

There are 3 levels in this book:

Level 1 and 2 are for beginners and use circles with letter notation, instead of notes.

Level 3 has letter notation and traditional musical notes.

Level 1. Songs which are possible to play within the main octave.

Level 2. Songs that need to be played in an octave other than the main octave, or songs that involve the flat notes.
Now you will need to select the proper note/key by ear.

Level 3. These songs have been written for one octave with ordinary “adult“ musical notes and symbols.
To begin to play right away without any musical knowledge, you just need to obtain and apply the stickers with letter-notation and on each key of your melodica.

Most melodicas include these stickers, but you can buy them separately or create your own using common peelable paper stickers.

In the sheet music book, you will find 28 funny kids songs



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