La Guitarra – A Comprehensive Study of Classical Guitar Technique and Guide to Performing

Tuscany Publications presents a revised and expanded edition of Pepe Romero’s Guitar Style and Technique (1982), which had been out of print for some time. New features in La Guitarra include sections on tremolo, flamenco, concert performance, additional finger gymnastics, and a Romero photo album. It contains all of the music from the earlier version and several new pieces, all newly engraved (including “Recuerdos de la Alhambra” with Pepe’s fingering).

Pepe Romero is considered a true living legend in the world of classical music. He has been honored by kings, heads of state, and major institutions. He has communicated the richness and beauty of the classical guitar to millions of people throughout the world. He has become an ambassador of classical music, and, correspondingly, of the classical guitar.

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