Community Video: Kelsey Lewis – Falling

Kelsey Lewis

Kelsey Lewis is a Pop/Indie artist hailing from Ft. Worth, TX. She has been singing, writing and performing her music since the age of 13. Kelsey’s debut album, “Beautiful View,” which released back in July of 2013, is a 10 song cornucopia of style, emotion, and perspective from the singer, produced by Richie Biggs and Mark Hill. In these 8 originals by Lewis, 1 original by Hill and a cover of the Perry Como classic, “Catch a Falling Star,” you hear Kelsey’s vocals, lyrics, and creativity really shine! Many have compared her style with the poppy, witty charm of Sara Bareilles, the quirky, funky bite of Kimbra, and the classic, nostalgic soul of Etta James. Since her release, Lewis has been performing and taking any and every opportunity to share her art and stories to as many ears and hearts as she possibly can. She is currently writing new material for future musical endeavors and is looking forward to all the possibility that lies ahead.

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