Italian Man Starting 1000 Person Cover Band to Bring Foo Fighters to Italy

Italian Man Starting 1000 Person Cover Band

Every band has their fans, and many fans consider themselves to be the biggest fan. Well apparently an Italian man is making a strong showing for being Foo Fighters’ biggest fan. Instead of idolizing them, and making some creepy video to show it, he is being a little more creative. He has started a movement with one goal: to bring the Foo Fighters to the northern Italian city Cesena. To do this, he is recruiting 1000 musicians to create a cover band that will play “Learn to Fly” by, of course, the Foo Fighters.

There is even a website you can check out, yes it is also in Italian, but thank goodness for Google translator. It confirms that this is all for bringing the Foo Fighters to Italy. There is even a video, and not understanding Italian won’t stop you from getting the message. Check it out, and let us know what you think about this man trying to get Dave Grohl and his band to fly out to Italy. Is it a little much? Surely there is some show that this man can see instead? At the very least, it’s a fun project that gets musicians to work together, and that’s something we can always get behind at Making Music.

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