How to Improvise with the 12-Bar Blues

Improvise with the 12-Bar Blues

In the last blues lesson (12-bar blues), you learned how to play the 12-bar blues in the key of F, using simplified 2-note chords. You also learned easy right-hand patterns using three of the six tones in the blues scale (F, Eb and Ab). It’s time to take it to the next step and learn to improvise with the 12-bar blues.

This video moves on from there by introducing you to the other three tones in the blues scale (Bb, B and C) while playing the same 12-bar progression in the left hand. When you combine all six tones you can come up with unique riffs and patterns all your own. The good news is almost anything will sound good! C’mon, live dangerously and try your hand at improvisation. You can’t go wrong with the blues!

Debbie Gruber, B.M., M.M., is the President of where she sends out free video piano lessons on playing pop/jazz piano. Debbie was a lecturer in jazz appreciation at Western Michigan University. She is also a piano and voice instructor and performs at many restaurants and parties in the Boston area.

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Debby– u r giving the beginners great lessons! If they can’t get it from u, they just can’t get it

Best and easiest jazz lessons I have ever seen. I’ve been playing piano since a child and I’m 60+ and still learning. I will always be learning. Love the piano!

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