Community Video: The iBand – Hole in My Heart

The iBand is an international group that plays a hybrid of genres including Rock, Pop, Alternative Rock, AOR, and Symphonic.

A few years ago, working as ChordSlinger n Lola, ChordSlinger (the band’s manager, keyboardist, and co-songwriter) wrote a song called “The World Just Rocks.” It made a lot of sense to have musicians from all over the world play on a song about world peace. He strongly believed in the song, and the theme of world peace, so he decided to audition members from all over the world. He put a message out for online auditions on ReverbNation, and had literally several hundred of people audition.

ChordSlinger listened to every single audition, with input from Lola, and picked the cream of the crop musicians who had the necessary skills. The requirements were studio musician or studio musician level playing skills, the ability to be creative, and a willingness to take criticism and adapt based on the needs of each song. All members have produced L.P.s and/or albums of original music in their own rights.

At an early point in the above process, the group members discussed band names and band goals online (Google translator is pretty amazing really). “The iBand” name made sense because the “I” can stand for international or internet, and this group is both. So, that is where they landed and, inturn, became the first all internet supergroup.

The group currently includes the following members: Lola de Hanna on vocals and co-songwriter (originally from Greece, currently residing in the New York); Enrique Paglia as the drummer, mixmaster, and video producer (from Córdoba, Argentina); BC Bungee on lead guitar (from Belgrade, Serbia); Jezzy Micheals as the bass player (from Darwin, Australia, currently residing in Texas); Miguel Castellanos (The Alchemist) on acoustic guitar (originally from the Dominican Republic, currently residing in Ohio); and ChordSlinger (Don) as band manager, co-songwriter, and keyboardist (from Cincinnati, OH).

Find out more about the iBand by checking out their ReverbNation page.

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