Hawaiian Ukulele & Guitar Introduces First Product Line: HUG Ukulele Exotic Mango Wood Series

There’s a new ukulele in the grove with the introduction of the HUG Ukulele Exotic Mango Wood Series, the debut product line from Hawaiian Ukulele & Guitar. These handcrafted instruments are made from mango wood and deliver the warm tones of their tropical origin. With beautiful styling, all-solid wood construction, and high-quality resonance, the HUG Ukulele Exotic Mango Wood Series captures the sounds of Aloha and transports players to a sunnier state of mind.

Hawaiian Ukulele & Guitar has been a retailer of fine handcrafted instruments on the Big Island since 2011, and is thrilled to launch its very own product line at the 2020 NAMM Show in Anaheim, Calif. As a new brand, HUG Ukulele brings together modern innovations and time-honored traditions. Each instrument in the HUG Ukulele Exotic Mango Wood Series is made from the finest mango wood on the top, back and sides, which provides a clear, bright and sweet tone. Strength and beauty are balanced in this collection, with a fanned top-bracing pattern and sturdy C-shaped mahogany neck, along with a beautiful mahogany bridge and 18-fret fingerboard with 3 mm mother-of-pearl dot inlays. Each ukulele has a bone saddle and nut, and the natural wood is finished in a matte nitrocellulose, applied as thinly as possible for maximum resonance.

Just as there are different varieties of mangoes, there are different styles in the HUG Ukulele Exotic Mango Wood Series, including Super Soprano Pineapple, Concert, Super Concert, Tenor and Super Tenor. Each ukulele has a styling that’s classically refined and sleek, and crowned with HUG’s signature Ocean Wave headstock with figured acacia overlay. Enclosed-gear tuners have the proper tuning ratio for the Aquila 10U New Nylgut Tenor Ukulele Strings. These strings are made in Italy from a patented synthetic material that’s close in sound to authentic gut strings.

Learn more at www.hugukulele.com.


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