Hal Leonard Releases “First 50 Recording Techniques You Should Know to Track Music”

Since its launch in 2014, Hal Leonard’s First 50 Series has provided musicians with simplified and accessible arrangements of popular tunes to set them on the right path with their musical journey. From guitar and piano to clarinet and violin, the series has covered instruments across the spectrum. In 2020, Hal Leonard is expanding the series beyond instruments with the newest release, First 50 Recording Techniques You Should Know to Track Music.

With ever-changing technologies, recording music can seem like a daunting task. First 50 Recording Techniques provides musicians with all the necessary information and tools to capture sound that will yield results and have them sounding like a seasoned vet in no time. Written by accomplished producer, engineer, and author Bill Gibson, topics covered in the book include preproduction, room environments, interfaces, microphone options and applications, recording drums, guitar, bass, piano, voice(s), and electronic instruments, studio recording effects, and more.

Bill Gibson has been a musician, producer, and writer for over 35 years. Since 1991, Gibson has produced over 37 books and videos, paving the way for future generations of music lovers. In addition to performing and writing, Gibson is also an online professor for the Berklee College of Music.

For more information, visit www.halleonard.com


First 50 Recording Techniques You Should Know to Track Music

$14.99 (US)

9×12 – Softcover

112 Pages

Table of Contents

Sample Pages


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