Gypsy Jazz Guitar Volume 1: A Tribute to Gypsy Jazz

Gypsy jazz is a unique style of jazz music originating from Europe with influences from Hungarian Czardas, French musette waltzes, Spanish Flamenco, and the music of the Sinti (Romani), and originated with them. Gypsy Jazz Guitar Volume 1 presents the best examples of performances past and present and showcases the typical aspects of rhythm and lead guitar in gypsy jazz. Includes techniques, practice transcriptions, and songs by renowned gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, who made the style popular throughout the world with his groundbreaking techniques. An included CD is contains performances of music in the book.

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Volume 1: A Tribute to Gypsy Jazz, Introduction Into the Style of Jazz-Manouche, by Bertino Rodmann,

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